About the Temple

A Brief History Of Sri Palanimalai Murugan Temple, Ulu Temiang, Seremban. Negeri Sembilan. Malaysia


Temple Front View

“Samy Amma”, who had been an inspiration to thousands of her devotees for several years, established it. It is popularly known as “Samy Amma Murugan Temple”, but the actual name given by “Samy Amma” is “Sri Palani Malai Murugan Temple”.

Her maiden name was Sathaie d/o Ramasamy. She was born in 1914 in India and came to Malaysia in 1937. She first worked in Carey Island for few years. Then, she moved to Tanah Merah Estate, Port Dickson. Occasionally, she goes into a trance and gave her blessing to anyone who visits her. Even from her childhood, she was a devotee of Lord Murugan and she remained an unmarried woman.


Samy Amma

In 1955 Mr. Nathan, who was working in the Welfare Department, obtained the present land for constructing a temple. Since, he could not construct the temple as promised to the Government; the License (0.162 acres) was transferred to Samy Amma’s name in 1956. With the help of several devotees, the Sanctum Sanctorum and a wooden hall were constructed in 1957 at a cost of RM.15, 000.00.

The following members of the public were registered as Trustees to look after the day-to-day management:

1. R. Sathaie (“Samy Amma”)
2. A.R. Nambiar. P.J.K.
3. Thambidurai. P.J.K.
4. M.Karuppiah (a helper to “Samy Amma”)

In 1964, the Licence was transferred as a Temple Reserve. Since, few of the original Trustees died and some became inactive, the vacancies were filled by M/s. Rengasamy, Narasingam, Sen Gupta resepectvely.

In 1965 the temple obtained a grant of RM.5,000.00 from devotees towards the construction of “Mandapam” and other facilities.

Temple Inside View

Since, the temple had no capital or regular income, the day-to-day running mainly depended on contributions from the devotees. Moreover, “Samy Amma” traveled on foot from house to house to collect these contributions. She worked so hard and this “Sanyasini” begged for establishing this temple.


During her last few years, her health deteriorated and she could not travel on foot to collect the contributions from her devotees. Some sincere devotees came to the temple and paid their dues while others helped her substantially to meet the daily expenses.

It appeared that she envisioned her death. Since, two of the Trustees have left the state and another due to ill health; she registered the appointment of the following new Trustees with the District Office in 1985 just few months before her death on 28 February 1986:

1. K. R. Pillai – Chairman, Board of Trustees.
2. Avaiamma
3. R. Rengasamy –Deceased
4. Vilva Retnam – Deceased
5. Kandiah Pillai – Deceased

Since, the remaining Trustees found it difficult to manage the temple due to financial problems, old age and the absence of a resident priest;

Temple Inside View

a New Pro-tem Management Committee was formed in the year 2000. Mr.Prabakaran, led the team and was replaced by Mr.Manicakavasagam. The latter served the committee until 2004. Thereafter, Mr.Pathmanathan, was appointed as Chairman from 2004 until is premature death in 2006. The Temple Committee was registered in 2007 and Mr. K. Senathyarajah was appointed as the President of the Management Committee, and ably assisted by other committee members for the administration of the temple. The Management Committee held their first AGM on the 21st Oct 2007.

The active committees were responsible for the installation of the new “Amma Statue” and the construction of its shrine, the “Navagraha” Temple and the laying of tiles in the “Mandapam” hall etc. They also have plans to develop the temple more efficiently and effectively.

Samy Amma’s only desire was to see the temple flourish without any hindrance. She was undoubtedly a realized person. “Swami Sithananda”, the world president of the Divine Life Society, officially opened the temple. It was also sanctified by the visit of highly realized souls like “Swami Bhoomanda Thirta”, President of Hindu “Navothana Pratistan” of India, and “Swami Shantananda” of Malaysia.

Without looking for name or fame let us jointly develop the temple to keep the memory of “Samy Amma” and to make this Temple an important place of worship.

Gratitude & Appreciation

1. Everyone who participated in the establishment and development of the temple.
2. Ms. Avaiamma, her parents and rest of the family, who have looked after the day- to-day affairs of the temple until the Management Committee was formed.
3. All who have helped the temple physically or financially – people like M/s. Selvaretnam, Narasingam, Vilvaretnam, Vallisan, Kandaiah Pilla, K.R. Pillai and so on.
4. The New Management Committee for their energetic approach for the development of the temple.